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Minecraft MOD Packs Supported

NOTE: To prevent world corruption and griefing, Virtual gladiators will NEVER upgrade the version of the MOD Pack you are currently using.

Technically Virtual Gladiators supports any Minecraft MOD Pack, as long as there is a server component. Just ask us to add it to the list!
The following MOD Packs below are currently installed as One-Click installations/upgrades:

** Updated packs are added regularly! This list is usually a few weeks old.

The Jar files and MOD Packs currently (2015-06-23) supported by the Virtual Gladiators One-click MOD Pack Installer© are:

(Note: The bolded versions that end with a * are the latest build for that version jar/mod pack.)

Jar Files:

Vanilla (original, unmodified): *Compatible with both Budget & Premium services*
Vanilla Minecraft Server versions v1.5.2 through v1.11.2

Craftbukkit: *Compatible with both Budget & Premium services*
Craftbukkit version v1.5.2 r1.0  through v1.11.2

Forge: *Compatible with Premium services only*
768 MB or larger server required!
Forge v1.6.4 through v1.11.2

(You can always overwrite the forge .jar file with whatever version you want.)

MCPC+/Cauldron/Thermos (Forge + Bukkit!) *Compatible with Premium services only*
512 MB or larger server required!
NOTE: Do not use the MCPC client (broken), use the latest forge client only!
MCPC+ Forge 965 v251 (MC v1.6.4 R2.1)
MCPC+ Forge 1065 v57 (MC v1.7.2)
MCPC+ Forge 1187 v3.118 (MC v1.7.10 R0.1)
MCPC+ Forge 1207 v1.198 (MC v1.7.10 R0.1)
MCPC+ Forge 1236 v5.212 (MC v1.7.10 R0.1)
MCPC+ Forge 1403 build 78 (MC v1.7.10 R0.3)
MCPC+ Forge 1448 build 121 (MC v1.7.10 R0.3) *

(Abandoned after v1.7.10. Check out SpongeForge instead!)

SpongeForge (Forge + Plugins) *Compatible with Premium services only*
512 MB or larger server required!
Spongforge v1.8.9 through v1.11.2

Spigot: *Compatible with both Budget & Premium services*
Spigot version v1.5.2 through v1.11.2

PaperSpigot: *Compatible with both Budget & Premium services*
PaperSpigot version v1.8.8 and v1.11.2

BungeeCord Hub: *Compatible with both Budget & Premium services*
BungeeCord Hub v1.5.2 through 1.11.x

(1.11.x is compatible with 1.8 and newer clients)

MOD Packs:

Feed the Beast: *Compatible with Premium services only*
768 MB or larger server required!
Agrarian Skies
Blast Off!
Cloud 9
Crash Landing
The Dark Trilogy
Direwolf20 1.10
Direwolf20 1.7
Galactic Science
Horizons Daybreak
Infinity Evolved
Infinity Lite 1.10
Mage Quest
Magic World 2
Material Energy^4
Simply Magic
Sky Factory 2.5
Sky Factory 3
Tech World 2
TolkienCraft 2
Test Pack Please Ignore

Tekkit: *Compatible with Premium services only*
768 MB or larger server required!
Aether 2
Aphmau's Minecraft Diaries
Atomic's Ultimate Tech Pack
Attack of the B-Team
Brickherder's Dragoncraft
Crafting Dead Aftermath
DLC Don't Eat the Stone
Dalek Mod by SWD Team
Etho's Modded MC
Flan's Mod
Flan-Z Reloaded
FlanZ Reloaded
Fly Boys Full Modpack
Hexical Future
Industrial Age The Turning
Lapito's Galacticraft
Lay of the Land
Life in the Woords
Ma Server
Marines and Machines
Medeival Millenaire
Minecraft Wars
MoonQuest Yogscast Complete!
Never Mine 2
Project: Superhuman
Realms of Mianite
Red Horizons
Sam's Major Modpack
Sword Craft Online [SAO-RPG]
Tekkit Classic
Tekkit Lite
Tekkit Official
The 1.7.10 Modpack
Traincraft Modern V2
Ultra Modded Survival
Voltz Warfare
Wizard Academy

ATLauncher MOD Packs: *Compatible with Premium services only*
1024 MB or larger server required!
Bacon Mom's Better Building
Bevo's Tech Pack
Beyond Reality
Bevo's Tech Pack - Reborn
Crainer Craft
Desolate Wasteland
Explorer's Modpack
The Golden Cobblestone
Hermitcraft Modsauce 2
Journey to the Core
Jurassic World: Revelations
MC Reborn
Natural Magic
Resonant Rise
Revenge of the C-Team
Revolution 2
RQ's Endless
Sky Factory
Strawberry Vanilla
TechNode Firmacraft
The Crack Pack
The MadPack
Ultra Hard Survival
Vanilla Overhaul
Yogscast Complete
Warcraft Scrolls

PocketMine *Compatible across all services*
256MB or larger server - Play Minecraft on your Phone or Tablet!
PHP 7 based:

Java based:

Pixelmon *Compatible with both Budget & Premium services*
768 MB or larger server required!
Pixelmon  v3.0.4  through v5.0.1 (MC v1.10.2)

Spawn Packs *Compatible with both Budget & Premium services*
512 MB or larger server required!
Dome: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.7.2 - v1.7.4)
Dome: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.7.2 - v1.7.10)
Dome: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.7.2 - v1.8.0)
Dome: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.11.2)
Flat: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.7.2 - v1.7.10)
Flat: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.7.2 - v1.8.0)
Flat: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.11.2)
Tower: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.7.2 - v1.7.10)
Tower: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.7.2 - v1.8.0)
Tower: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.11.2)

Void's Wrath: *Compatible with Premium services only*
768MB or larger server required!
Crazy Craft
Crazy Craft 3

Miscellaneous: *Compatible with Premium services only*
512MB or larger server required!
Aether 2 v1.6.2.2 Forge (MC v1.6.2)
Captive Minecraft II - Room of Monuments v1.0 (MC v14w28b)
Captive Minecraft III - Rise of Atlantis v1.2.0 (MC v14w33c)
Divine RPG v6.1 BETA MCPC+ (MC v1.6.4)
Flan's MOD v4.0.1 MCPC+ (MC v1.6.4)
Flan's MOD v4.8.0 MCPC+ (Modern Weaps, WW2, Future Craft) (MC v1.7.10) *
Flan-Z Reloaded v1.7.6 MCPC+ (MC v1.6.4) *
Minecraft Comes Alive! v4.0.4 MCPC+ (MC v1.7.2) *
TerraFirmaCraft 0.77.22 MCPC+ (MC v1.6.2) *

The informaton in parenthesis (MC v1.6.4) indicates the Minecraft Version included in the MOD Pack. Clients connecting must be using the same MOD Pack version and Minecraft client version to connect.

MCPC+ MOD Packs are packs that can use both mods and plugins. However, the plugins must be installed manually and match the minecraft version (v1.5.2, etc) . Do not use BukGet, and be sure to uninstall all plugins and/or delete all files in the plugins directory before activating any MCPC+ MOD Pack. More details in this KB article.

If you don't see a MOD Pack here that you are interested in, contact us and we will investigate it.

NOTE: To prevent world corruption and griefing, Virtual gladiators will NEVER upgrade the version of the MOD Pack you are currently using.

What does that mean to you?

Let's say you are currently using "Craftbukkit v1.5.2 BETA r0.1", and then both Minecraft & Bukkit release v1.5.3 a few weeks from now. Virtual Gladiators will download, test and make available "Craftbukkit v1.5.3 BETA rX.X" as a NEW one-click installable server MOD Pack, and then put a note in the Announcements page (RSS feed available). You will continue using the same "Craftbukkit v1.5.2 BETA r0.1" MOD Pack until you change it yourself.

We operate this way to protect your Minecraft community, as BukGet plugins are not retained during MOD Pack changes or upgrades. It is up to you to ensure your required BukGet plugins are available for the MOD Pack version you are going to use.

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