Good news: There is finally a stable, working version of Pocketmine for PHP v7! PHP7 is supposed to bring an amazing performance boost to Pocketmine, which will allow for much requested mobs.

Bad news: Due to the major API version change (1.13.0 to 2.0.0) by the Pocketmine devs, NONE of your existing plugins will work until the plugin developers update their plugins.

More good news: Virtual Gladiators has manually patched a few plugins so they will still work. There may be problems with them going forward, it's hard to say until people start using them.

More bad news:   Your existing 1.7 server world may not work with this new version.

IMPORTANT bad news:   There is a bug that prevents Pockemine from working on higher numbered ports. If you decide to try this version, you MUST contact us so we can manually change your port to a lower number! (Thanks to Kelton for discovering this.)

Anyone that was using a 1.7 build of Pocketmine was using ImagicalMine, a branch off the main Pocketmine source code. They added some things and fixed bugs while the main Pocketmine dev team was concentrating on PHP 7. There is no PHP 7 compatible version of ImagicalMine at this time. If you are running a public 1.7 server, it's probably best to just wait until a PHP 7 compatible version is released and the plugin devs have had a chance to catch up with the changes required for the new API.

We have attempted to compensate for the API disparity by changing the API requirement in an additional new release. However, many plugins will still need to be updated in order to be compatible with the new PHP7-ized Pocketmine source code.

You'll see two new builds in the MOD pack list:

v1.6.0 PHP7 API 2.0.0 (0.13.1)

v1.6.0 PHP7 API 1.13.0 (0.13.1)

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

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