We have added another stable branch of Pocketmine, this time by a team named Genisys. They have optimized it for better performance and lower memory usage, and added a ton of new features including Mob AI, Redstone, Potions and more!

Unfortunately this version runs only on PHP 7, so most of your existing plugins will NOT work without modification.

You can find this in our MOD pack list under Pocketmine. You'll now see Genisys, ClearSky-Sunrise and ImagicalMine options. We've also cleaned up old versions and made it easier to select the appropriate version for your server. As a reminder, any version that shows PHP7 will still require updated plugins to work, regardless of the Pocketmine branch selected.

** We've enabled almost all of the new features by default, except for the experience system. The experience orbs accumulate and fly around the player and are never picked up, making it impossible to see what you're doing.

** If you want hostile mobs to spawn, use /difficulty 3 while in-game. Hostile mobs are slow to spawn, but they will eventually show up. Passive mobs should already be there, roaming around on their own.

Please note that there is no direct upgrade path from ImagicalMine to Genisys, as the Genisys builds have added more features than currently exist in ImagicalMine. That means if you are on ImagicalMine and change to Genisys, your world, plugins and settings will be archived and you will start fresh. We are happy to upgrade you manually if you want to try it with your existing world and settings, but there's no guarantee that it will work for you. Just open a ticket.

Once you've changed to Genisys, you can automatically update your server to the latest build (patched by VG) by simply restarting the server. Manual updates are not an option for this build, as the Genisys team seems to have made some custom modifications to their PHP 7 that do not work with the other Pocketmine PHP 7 builds we are using. As such, we have to manually update their code each time a new build is released. We will only update the builds about once per week unless there is a critical issue patched sooner.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

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