2016-11-02 UPDATE:
Genisys and Nukkit have released stable (more or less) versions of 0.16.0 and we've added them to the MOD pack list. ClearSky is still working on their update.

While we are all still patiently waiting for Genisys, ClearSky and Nukkit to release a stable, working version of Pocketmine for 0.16.x clients, Hydracon has released one that passes our initial testing with just a couple of plugins.

You can find Hydracon in the MOD pack list under Pocketmine. DO NOT EXPECT IT WORK PROPERLY, OR TO BE THERE FOR VERY LONG. The Hydracon project started just a few days ago and only has one contributor, so it will likely be abandoned once the major Pocketmine distros release stable, working versions. We only made it available for people that can't wait for the others to update.

Since Hydracon is a separate build from the other Pocketmine distros, upgrading from Nukkit, Genisys or ClearSky 0.15.10 IS NOT supported.

For the uninitiated, that means you will either have to start fresh with new worlds, or become a masochist and attempt a manual upgrade yourself.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

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