MCPE has updated to 1.2.0. If you've already updated, you won't be able to connect to your Pocketmine server unless you also update it to 1.2.0.

If you haven't already updated your MCPE client to 1.2.0, DO NOT UPDATE at this time. Continue using 1.1.0 until 1.2.0 is stable.

PMMP has been releasing 1.2.0 compatible updates, but they are extremely buggy!

For starters, crafting doesn't seem to work properly at this time. Attempting to craft wood planks does nothing.

The new API has been bumped to ALPHA8, but it is by no means complete. Many plugins WILL break with the new API, including PureEntitiesX. If you see messages in the console about "Could not tick level", read the rest of the error to determine which plugin is causing the issue and then remove it.

As for the other Pocketmine builds, they have mostly silent since the 1.2.0 update from Mojang/Microsoft. This is due to the sheer amount and complexity of the changes. Be patient, the will take a while.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

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