The much anticipated v1.14 release of Minecraft has arrived, and with it the ugly truth of massive performance issues. We at VirtualGladiators have dubbed it LaggCraft v1.14 due to all the complaints.

Slow chunk loading is just one issue:


Look at this analysis by Ilmango:


The ticks per second on a flat-world server have reduced by almost 30%. That's right, 1.14 is 3 times SLOWER than 1.12. Neat!


The other issue is with redstone. If you're trying to use redstone in 1.14, you're going to have a bad time:

What can you do to improve performance? Not much until the DEVELOPERS FIX THE ISSUES, but maybe one of these will help:

  1.  Reduce your server's view-distance to 7 chunks
    The default is 10, which is 16 x 16 x256 blocks, or 65,536 blocks. Reducing the view distance from 10 to 7 reduces the amount of blocks Minecraft needs to process by 196,608 blocks, which saves considerable memory and CPU.
  2. Upgrade the RAM on your server
    512MB is barely enough now for 2 players, where it used to be fine for up to 12 (under ideal conditions). However, we've had customers with 2GB still having unexpected lag in 1.14 that was not there in previous versions.
  3. Spigot/CraftBukkit users - Make sure outdated plugins are updated or removed
    This goes for ANY NEW VERSION OF Minecraft. There are usually tens of thousands of lines of code that change between releases. If the plugin developers do not update their code to match the changes in Minecraft, the plugin WILL CAUSE ISSUES on your server. We guarantee it. It DOES NOT MATTER if the plugin "appears" to work, if ANY PLUGIN is showing errors in the console, there is a problem with that plugin and it must be addressed.
  4. Vanilla Minecraft users - Switch to Spigot
    The spigot devs have spent months preparing for this 1.14 release. They've optimized the code and attempted to fix the mess Mojang/Microsoft have created with this latest release. Read more about it in this very long thread:
  5. Be patient, especially if you upgraded from 1.13.2
    Minecraft will now convert chunks to 1.14 while players are exploring the world. This causes lag spikes, but only the first time the chunk has been explored. Keep in mind that Virtual Gladiators' host servers are  i7-6700K CPU running @ 4.00GHz, which are beastly servers that have never had lag issues. We also have to wait for Mojang to fix this nonsense.
  6. Wait for 1.14.1
    Supposedly these performance issues will be fixed in 1.14.1:

As always, let us know if you need any assistance with your server.

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

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