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Dedicated Server IP or Domain Name for your server

There seems to be a lot of confusion between using a "Dedicated IP" and a "Sub-domain/domain" to connect to servers. They are quite different methods, which we will explain here:
Dedicated IP:
This means your IP address is on its own IP unique to your server and not shared with other users.  This allows your server to run on the default "25565" port.

The advantage of this is that you do not require to enter a port to join. You may then configure the DNS for your registered domain (such as "wickedminecraftserver.com") using the dedicated IP address provided by Virtual Gladiators.

We recommend and use Name.com as a domain registrar. Use this link to get $5.00 credit on your Name.com account!

When using a dedicated IP address, you do not need to enter the port 25565 in your Minecraft client when adding the server. Simply use the domain or sub-domain, such as "minecraft.yourdomain.com".
Sub-domain / Domain:
This is similar to the URL you enter into your browser to connect to web-pages.  Both a subdomain and domain allow the ability to register a unique, easy to remember name to your Virtual Gladiator shared or dedicated IP address.  A lot of people confuse this with a "Dedicated IP", but they are NOT the same.

A sub-domain would be "minecraft.yourdomain.com", where yourdomain.com is your own domain that has been registered through an internet registrar like GoDaddy. Once you've purchased a Virtual Gladiators Minecraft server and been given an IP address (shared or dedicated), simply login to your internet registrar control panel and add a DNS record for the subdomain using the IP address provided by Virtual Gladiators.

When using a subdomain, you MUST still use the unique port assigned by Virtual Gladiators when adding the server to your Minecraft client. Using the above sub-domain example of "minecraft.yourdomain.com" and a Virtual Gladiators assigned port of 25587, you would enter "minecraft.yourdomain.com:25587" in your Minecraft client for the server address.

Once Virtual Gladiators has assigned you a dedicated IP address, you will need to register a domain or sub-domain in order to begin using it. A great, inexpensive website for registering a custom domain names is www.Name.com. You can login to your Name.com account and use the Virtual Gladiators assigned IP address to configure a "DNS A" record for the domain or sub-domain of your choice.

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket or use the Live Help option.

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