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Virtual Gladiator Server Specifications

Virtual Gladiators does not skimp on servers, and we will never over-subscribe our customers. We want your Minecraft experience to be smooth and lag free.

Our server specs:

  • Eight-core Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz
  • ECC Registered DDR3 RAM
  • Striped Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • 1 Gigabit internet connection
  • 200 Gigabit DDOS mitigation (scrubbing of bad traffic)

Q: Why don't you use XXX CPU's instead?

A: If you're worried about Minecraft server performance and asking this question, you're asking the WRONG QUESTION.

You've probably been reading nonsense from inexperienced people that are suddenly CPU experts because they read something on the internet.

This is a shared environment. CPU speed and exact model make zero difference to your individual gameplay experience. Even insane MOD packs like Crazy Craft will still run perfectly on 5 year-old CPU architecture, but only if there are enough CPU cores/threads to handle all the other servers on the host where Crazy Craft lives.

In a shared environment, the most important aspect of a server is the number of CPU's, cores and available threads for Minecraft servers. Minecraft has not changed much since it was originally released, and yet the CPU architecture has changed by leaps and bounds.

These are the question you should be asking:

  • How many CPU's and CPU cores do you have per host?

    Virtual Gladiators uses only dual CPU servers with many cores per CPU and hyperthreading enabled. When there are multiple Minecraft servers on the same host, it's very important that insane MOD packs like Crazy Craft can run on a separate thread/core from other Minecraft servers. Otherwise the CPU is splitting its time between multiple Minecraft servers and you would need a 100 Gigahertz CPU to keep up with them all.
  • Do you assign more memory to Minecraft servers than is physically available on the host?

    This is called over-subscription and is VERY common with the uber-cheap hosting providers. Virtual Gladiators will never do this on purpose. Sometimes we do need to shuffle servers around as customers upgrade their memory on an otherwise already full server.

    The reason this is common practice is because generally only a handful of Minecraft servers on a single host will be active at a given time. Because of this, it should be possible (in theory) to host two to three times as many Minecraft servers as physical memory will allow. In reality, this is a very bad idea if you want to ensure a lag-free experience for ALL of your customers. Even an idle Minecraft server uses memory and eats up precious CPU cycles.

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