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Simple FTP Guide

The easiest way to upload/download a world/plugins etc. is to use an FTP client. Virtual Gladiators recommends Filezilla, as it's free and cross-platform compatible.


Once you've downloaded and installed FileZilla, you'll need the Multicraft FTP settings for connecting. You can find those in your server settings under "File" -> "Backup":

In the Backup screen, your FTP login information is displayed. Here you will find the hostname (or IP address) and your login username. Notice that the login username is slightly different than your Multicraft login; it is comprised of your username, a decimal point and then your server id. The decimal point and server id are required, as your Multicraft account may have multiple servers associated with it.

Plug these values into the FileZilla client and then press the "Quickconnect" button at the top:

Once you are connected, your local computer will be on the left and your Multicraft server will be on the right. Just drag and drop the files from one side to the other to transfer them.

Note that you need to stop the server before changing your world.

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