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Spawn Pack 1 - Dome Spawn, Sign Shop

Spawn Pack 1 is a pre-built Spawn by the wizards at Virtual Gladiators. This pack will help you get started with your server rapidly


  1. Auto Message broadcast
    This is used to send messages at regular intervals to all players.
    The plugin used for this feature is AutoMessage.
  2. Colored MOTD
    Change your MOTD (message shown to players in the Minecraft Server list) from in-game!
    The plugin used for this feature is ColoredMotd.
  3. Essentials Commands
    The Essentials plugin adds tons of commands like /spawn, /kit, /warp.
  4. Grief Protection
    The NoCheatPlus plugin will protect your server from griefers that use hacks like WeepCraft
  5. Permissions and ranks
    This SpawnPack is using PermissionsEX for permissions, ranks, etc. In game chat ranks and permissions are already configured for you. As owner, your chat will have "[Owner]" as the prefix.
  6. WorldEdit plugin
    This plugin allows quick modification of your world.
  7. WorldGuard plugin
    WorldGuard is used to protect the spawn area from damage by players and mobs, and controls PVP in peaceful areas like spawn.
  8. Sign Shop
    There is a complete Sign Shop built and ready to use by your players. This is done with the Essentials plugin.
  9. Player Starting Kits
    Several kits have been created and are ready to use. New players can use /kit guest, but other ranks have their own kits. This is perfect for setting up a donation shop!


NOTE: This is a complete replacement MOD pack, including all plugins. The plugins listed in BukGet "Installed Plugins" is no longer valid when using this MOD pack. If you are currently using another MOD pack or have plugins installed and then switch to a SpawnPack MOD pack, your files will all be automatically archived before this MOD pack is activated.

Using this MOD pack is easy:

  1. Login to Multicraft and stop your server.
  2. Make sure the name of the world is empty or "world" (no quotes.)
  3. Select "SpawnPack: Dome: PEX,Sign Shop,WE (MC v1.7.4)" from the drop-down list.
  4. Click on the save button.
  5. Click on the start button.
Once the server loads, you need to type the command "pex user YOURMCUSERNAME group set owner" in the Multicraft console in order to make yourself the owner with all permissions. Your in-game chat will also be prefixed with "[Owner]". YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE OP PERMISSIONS, and opping anyone is highly discouraged. You should be able to do anything you need as part of the owner group.

There are other groups configured for easy donation ranks, or whatever you like:

  1. Guest
    This group is the default group for anyone joining the server for the first time. They can use common commands such as /tpa, /tpahere, /warp, /worth, etc. (See the permissions.yml file for a complete list.)
  2. Member
    This group has a few more permissions, such as the ability to use a compass, workbench and multiple sethomes. (See the permissions.yml file for a complete list.)
  3. Citizen
    This group keeps their experience on death and has access to a couple more kits. (See the permissions.yml file for a complete list.)
  4. Moderator
    The moderator group has quite a few typical permissions for your trusted Moderators. They have enough power to mute, kick and jail people, but not enough to be able to abuse your players or server.
  5. Elite
    This group has the ability to fly as well as repair all items and other abilities. (See the permissions.yml file for a complete list.)
  6. Admin
    The admin group has almost as many permissions and abilities as the co-owner and owner groups. Give this rank only to your most trusted staff.
  7. Co-Owner
    The coowner group has almost all the permissions of the owner.
  8. Owner
    The owner group should have all the permissions needed to run and administer your server without having operator (op). This group shold be reserved for you and you alone.

To add someone to a group, just use the same command as above:

So if you want to put bob123 in the Elite group as a paid donor, you would run this command:

/pex user bob123 group set elite

The change takes effect immediately, and you can confirm with the whois command:

/whois bob123

You will also see the colored prefix "[Elite]" before their name in chat.

Use the existing configuration files as examples to begin with, and be sure to read the plugin documentation if you have any questions about a particular plugin before opening a ticket or asking for help in Live Chat.

Here's a screen shot of the inital spawn point:

Initial Spawn Point

This is the outside of the dome spawn area:

Initial Spawn Point - Outside

This is the sign shop, which is directly underneath the spawn area:

Initial Spawn Point - Sign Shop

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