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Installing Older Plugins for MCPC+ MOD Packs

If you're using an MCPC+ MOD pack that supports plugins, you must install plugin versions that match the Minecraft version.

For instance, if you're running Voltz MCPC+ (MC v1.5.2), the Minecraft version is what's in parenthesis, or 1.5.2.

That means all of your plugins must be for version 1.5.2 or they will not work. In the worst case scenario, your server will crash repeatedly and randomly.

Virtual Gladiators has now made installing specific plugin versions dead simple. Just follow the other plugin guide here:

The old instructions will remain here in case anyone still needs them:

Following the other plugin guide, find the plugin you want to install and then click on the "more" link in the description (right-click and open it in a new tab.) That will take you to the plugin page on dev.bukkit. At the top of this page there will be a "Files" link:

When you click on that link you will see a list of all versions of that plugin and what version of Bukkit/Minecraft it was compiled against under the "Game Version" column. Select the most recent version for your Minecraft game version. In this case, it's Essentials v2.11.11:

Essentials versions

Click on the Essentials link, and then in the next page just click on the filename under the heading "Filename" to download it to your computer:

Essentials download link

Once you've downloaded the file to your computer, you must then use FTP to upload it to the /plugins folder on your Minecraft server. Follow the FTP Guide for more details.

NOTE: If the plugin you've downloaded is a .zip file, like Essentials, you must unzip (extract) all the .jar files and upload those via FTP or the plugin will not work.

Auto Update

Many plugins come with the annoying default of automatic updating. After you install the plugin and start the server, any plugin that has the default auto update setting will update itself after it writes out the default set of configuration files. You must then stop the server, change the auto update setting to false, re-upload the older version of the plugin, and then start the server again.

Here are a few plugins with known default auto-update settings, and the option that needs to be changed:

Abyss/config.yml:  auto-update: true
AdminFun/config.yml:  automatic-updates: true
AllBanks/config.yml:  autoUpdate: true
AlwaysDay/config.yml:    autoupdate: true
AntiCheat/config.yml:    Auto update: true
AntiGrief/config.yml:    Auto-Updater-Enabled: true
BananaRegion/config.yml:  AutoUpdate: true
BarAPI/config.yml:  autoUpdate: true
BattleArena/config.yml:  autoUpdate: true
BeSuperman/config.yml:  use-autoupdater: true
ChestProtect/config.yml:  AutoUpdate: true
ClearLag/config.yml:    auto-update: true
ColoredTexts/config.yml:  AutoUpdate: true
ColorGuide/config.yml:  Auto-Update: true
CommandPortals/config.yml:  Auto update: true
CompassNavigation/config.yml:    autoUpdate: true
DarkHorse/config.yml:  auto-update: true
Enjin Minecraft Plugin/config.yml:   autoupdate: true
FarmProtect/config.yml:  AutoUpdate: true
floAuction/config.yml:  auto-update: true
FoundBoxx/config.yml:  Auto_Update_On_Plugin_Enable: true
Ghost Player/config.yml:  AutoUpdateOnLoad: true
HeadDrops/config.yml:  auto-download-update: true
HeavySpleef/config.yml:  auto-update: true
KingKits/config.yml:  automatic-updates: true
KitMaster/config.yml:    autoInstallUpdate: true
NeXTQuarry/config.yml:  auto-update: true
NPCWarehouse/config.yml:  auto-update: true
PlayerHeads/config.yml:  autoupdate: true
PlotMe/config.yml:  auto-update: true
PotionProtection/config.yml:  Automatic Updates: true
PVPPack/config.yml:    auto-update: true
Ranks/config.yml:  auto-update: true
RateOfXray/config.yml:  autoUpdate: true
RPG Items/config.yml:  autoupdate: true
ScoreboardStats/config.yml:  enable-auto-update: true
ScrollingSigns/config.yml:  autoUpdate: true
SecurityVillagers/config.yml:  mainAutoUpdate: true
Shop/config.yml:  AUTO-UPDATE: true
SilkSpawners/config.yml:  autoUpdater: true
SimpleAutoMessage/config.yml:  auto-update: true
SimpleSpleef/config.yml:  autoUpdate: true
SurvivalGamesMultiverse/config.yml:  auto-update: true
TTT/config.yml:  enable-auto-update: true
TuxTwoLib/config.yml:  AutoDownloadUpdates: true
WarpSigns/config.yml:  auto-update: true
ZeldaHearts/config.yml:    auto-update: true

There are many others. The only way to be sure is to check the configuration file of every plugin after the server starts.

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