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Creating a Flat World in Minecraft or MCPE/Pocketmine

This works for both Minecraft and PocketMine/MCPE servers!

To create a completely flat world, you'll need to change the level-type to FLAT, change the name of your world to something you haven't used before and then restart the server:

  1. Login to Multicraft.
  2. Stop the server.
  3. Click on Files, then Config Files.

  4. Click on Server Settings.

  5. Scroll down until you find level-type.Change level-type to FLAT, and then click on Save.
    SuperFlat Selection

  6. Back at the main Multicraft page, change the name of the world to something you have not used before, then click save.
    (Alternatively, you can login via FTP and delete the world directory, but make sure the server is stopped before you do this.)

  7. Start your server. A new, FLAT world will be generated

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