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Custom Sub-Domain

Virtual Gladiators offers the (free!) ability to add a custom sub-domain to your server so you don't have to remember an IP address.

In your Multicraft Control Panel you will see the "Free DNS Sub-domain" section:

Picking your Sub-Domain

Type in the first part of the sub-domain you wish to use, then pick a domain from the drop-down list:

Once you've made your selection, click on "Add to DNS" and wait a couple of seconds. Our script will check DNS to make sure this sub-domain is available:

If your selected sub-domain is available, you will see a pop-up dialog with further information, depending on your server type (MCPE or MCPC):

If you have a Minecraft PC server, an SRV record will also be created so that you can connect to your server WITHOUT using the port! This is a feature of Minecraft since v1.3
If you have a Minecraft Pocket Edition server, you will still need to use the port when you connect.

Once you click on the OK in the pop-up dialog, you will see that your new sub-domain is active in DNS. You can now connect to your server using your selected sub-domain as shown in the control panel:

Changing your Sub-Domain

If you ever wish to change your sub-domain, just refresh the control panel page and click on the "Change Sub-Domain" button:

Removing your Sub-Domain

When your service is terminated, your selected sub-domain will automatically be removed from DNS.

Known Bugs

Sometimes the name.com API says it has registered your sub-domain when in fact it does not actually resolve. If you are having problems using the selected sub-domain after 15 minutes, just go back into the control panel, change the sub-domain to something else, save, refresh the browser, change it back to your original selection and save again.

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