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Votifier Configuration

When you're configuring Votifier, pick a random port between 8100 through 8200, but stay away from 8192 through about 8199, as those are probably already in use by another customer.

Make sure you use the IP address assigned to your server, as will NOT work.

Votifier also requires a listener to actually process and act on the votes received. Search around for an updated Votifier Listener plugin and pick one that suits your needs. You'll need to READ the documentation for the plugin to understand how to configure it correctly.

Save the votifier config file, then restart your server. You can test Votifier with this link:

You'll need the public key, which can be found in Multicraft under Files -> Config Files. You'll see the public key somewhere in the list of config files, assuming Votifier is already installed and you've restarted your server.

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