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Custom Forge MOD Packs

First, Forge is only supported on Premium servers.

There is a higher density of customers on our Budget servers, so Forge will be terminated and all associated files deleted if found running on any Budget server. A single heavy Forge-based MOD pack can ruin the experience for everyone else on the Budget host.

If you want Forge and expect it to run smoothly, buy a Premium server with 1GB or more memory.

If you wish to use your own Forge-based MOD pack, it's very easy to do so:

  1. Select the appropriate version of Forge from the MOD pack list drop-down in Multicraft.
    If you don't see the version of Forge that you require, just open a ticket and we will add it quickly for you.
  2. Click save, then restart your server.
  3. Once the server has restarted, it is ready for you to upload your files.
    1. Upload your SERVER forge mod files to /mods/ on your server using FTP.
      Client-only mods include Mini-maps, Custom Main Menus, Mouse Tweaks, IRC Clients, OptiFine, and anything else that expects a client GUI to be present.
      Just because it worked on your home machine doesn't mean it will work on a SERVER that has no Graphics card. Apples and Oranges here.
    2. Upload the rest of your server files to where they belong. Config files go in /config/, asm files in /asm/, etc.
      ** DO NOT worry about files in the /libraries/ folder. All the libraries Forge requires will already be present here.
      MCMOD_CONTROLFILE is used by our custom MOD installer/upgrader script. Leave it there please.

  4. Once you've finished uploading your files, restart the server and then watch the console for errors.
    Be patient, Forge takes a while to load. More mods means more loading time.

Please keep in mind that more Forge mods require more memory. If you have over 100 mods, you will NEED 1 to 2 GB of memory or your server WILL lag and crash.

That's it! It really is that simple, but if you have any problems, just open a ticket. However, we cannot answer questions about mods interacting/playing nice with other mods. Forge mods are notoriously difficult to get working together properly, so you are on your own regarding individual mods.

  • Q: Why are my Craft Bukkit plugins not working?
    A: Forge DOES NOT work with plugins. Forge only uses mod files. There used to be a project that integrated Forge and Craft Bukkit (MCPC+/Cauldron/Thermos) so you could use mods and plugins, but it has been abandoned as of v1.7.10.

  • Q: Can I just use SpongeForge with my plugins?
    A: NO! If you read the SpongeForge documentation, you'll see that SpongeForge does not work with Craft Bukkit plugins. Plugins must recompiled so they are compatible with SpongeForge.

  • Q: Why does my Forge server never start up or crash on start1?
    A: Check the console and your log files in /logs/. Typically a mod is missing a prerequisite of another mod, or you're trying to use a CLIENT-ONLY mod on a server. If you still can't figure it out, just open a ticket.

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