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Adding a Resource Pack to your Bedrock server

How to add a resource pack to your Minecraft Bedrock Server

If you have a particular Resource Pack you want to use on your server, you'll first have to upload it somewhere. If it's on a Resource Pack website, download the .zip to your computer first and remember where you downloaded it.

Resource Pack Requirements:

  • Must be a .zip file
  • Must be less than 50MB in size or it will not load.
  • Must be completely uploaded to your server under /resource_packs/

Uploading the Resource Pack:

First, you must connect via FTP and upload your resource pack .zip file to your server. Refer to the FileZilla FTP guide here for more information about using FTP to connect to your server.

Once you have successfully connected to your server via FTP, navigate to the location of your downloaded MCPE Resource Pack in the left window, and then navigate to (double-click) the /resource_packs folder of your server in the right window:

Now simply drag and drop the Resource Pack .zip file to your /resource_packs folder:

Once the file finishes uploading, you'll see it in the window on the right:

Now you can close FileZilla and login to Multicraft. STOP YOUR SERVER now.

Configuring Your Server:

STOP your server, if you have not done so already.

Next, click on Files, then Config Files in Multicraft:
Config Files 1

In the next screen, you should see and option titled "* MCPE Resource Pack". Click on it:
Config 1a

Now you will see the Resource Pack configuration file. Add a new line with the name of the .zip file you uploaded earlier, and make sure it starts with 2 spaces, a dash (-) and another space exactly as pictured:
Config 2

Now click on the Save button and restart the server.

Connect To Your Server:

Now launch your Minecraft PE Client (either on your mobile device or in the Windows 10 app) and connect to your server. It should ask you to download the Resource Pack:
Download 1

Depending on the size of the resource pack and your internet connection, it may take a few minutes to complete:
Download 2

Once it finishes, the client will connect and the resource pack will load:
Resource Pack loaded

If it does not work, make sure you re-read the REQUIREMENTS above and follow the instructions precisely as explained.


The most common problems people have are:

  1. Trying to use a file that is not a .zip file
  2. Trying to use a file that is over 50MB
  3. Using misplaced spacing in the configuration file
  4. Not stopping the server before updating the configuration file
  5. Using an MCPC resource pack instead of an MCPE resource pack

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