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Backing up and Restoring your Server

Creating a Full Backup of your Server

Virtual Gladiators has created a custom full backup and restore feature for Multicraft. This backup feature will allow you to backup and restore the entire server in one click so that you can quickly resume exactly where you left off. This is handy for testing out other MOD packs without worrying about losing your current progress.

Some things to be aware of:

  1. Plugin data that consumes excessive disk space will not be included in the full backup.
    (The plugin itself and its configuration will be included.)
    1. These plugins include, but are not limited to: Dynmap, backup plugins and block loggers like CoreProtect.
  2. When you change MOD packs, a full backup is performed first, as long as your current backup quota is not already consumed.
  3. When the backup is manually started and your server is currently running, world saving will be temporarily disabled until the backup completes.
  4. When restoring a full backup, all existing server data and configuration will first be deleted.
  5. The maximum backup space that can be purchased is 5 gigabytes.
    (Backup space upgrades will be 0.50/month for 2 additional backups or 200 MB additional space.)
  6. ALL customer server data  is backed up to our off-site backup location every 12 hours as a courtesy to our customers, and kept for 4 weeks.
    (Excluding excessive data unrelated to your Minecraft base functionality, such as Dynmap, block loggers and other backup archives created by plugins.)

Backup Quotas

All of our server packages include this feature, with varying default quotas and functionality:

  • Premium Servers - 6 full backups  or 600 MB max
  • Budget Servers - 2 backups or 200 MB max
  • Free Servers (coming soon) - 1 backup or 100MB max
    (The backup will be inaccessible until the Backup/Restore feature addon is purchased.)

Backing Up Your World

To backup your world, login to your Multicraft Control Panel, then click on "Server Maintenance" and then "Backup/Restore":


In the next screen, you'll see a brief description, current usage and quotas, current backup/restore status, a list of backups and operations available to your user account.

** If you are not the server owner, you may not be able to perform all the actions you see in the screenshot. Only the server owner can grant or revoke access permissions. See the Access Permissions section below for more information.


To create a full backup, simply click on the "Start Backup" button. The status will appear above the "Start Backup" button. When the backup has completed successfully, the new backup will appear in the backup list within 5 seconds. You can then Restore, Delete or Download that backup if you have access permissions to do so.

Restoring Your Server

To restore your server to a specific backup, simply click on the Restore link next to the backup in the list of Full Backups. A warning popup will appear to let you know that the server will be stopped and all data deleted before restoring your server to its former glory. Wait for it to complete, and then start your server.

The restore process takes care of everything:

  • Any plugins that were previously installed
    (With the above mentioned exception for certain space-wasting plugins.)
  • All existing worlds, in use or not
  • The name of the main world
  • Your server configuration
    (This includes everything in server.properties and any .yml files related to your server version.)
  • Ops, whitelist, banned players & banned IP's


Backup/Restore Access Permissions

Server owners can request creation of additional Multicraft user accounts to help with server administration duties. Once they assign a role for a user, that user will have certain access permissions for the various Backup/Restore features.

Server Access Permissions, as well as the Request User feature, can be accessed by clicking on Advanced, then Users.


User Roles

  • User (and below) - No access to the Backup/Restore page.
  • Moderator - View backups
  • Super Moderator - Moderator permissions, plus start a new full backup
  • Administrator and Co-Owner - Super Moderator permissions, plus restore a full backup

(To see the entire list of Multicraft user roles and permissions, visit this KB article.)

In order to access the "Delete" and "Download" features of the Full Backup/Restore Maintenance page, FTP access must also be granted.

FTP Permissions

  • Read-Only - Download full backups
  • Full Access - Download and delete full backups

** FTP permissions are separate from the above user roles! For instance, if an additional user only has the "User" role but also "Full Access" for FTP, they will not be able to use the Full Backup/Restore feature at all, but can still use an FTP client to change all other server files except full backups. (Backups are stored outside of the server's main directory.) This is done on purpose to allow a server owner control over full backups, but still allow someone to help them maintain the server on a day-to-day basis.

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