ImgacialMine has released a 0.14.0 compatible version of PocketMine, but it only runs on PHP v7.

Good news: PHP7 is supposed to bring an amazing performance boost to Pocketmine, which will allow for much requested mobs. (Actual implementation date TBD.)

Bad news: Due to the underlying changes in the PocketMine source code, most of your existing plugins will NOT work until the plugin developers update for PHP v7. (This is despite the API version being 1.14.0 instead of 2.0.0 like the other PHP 7 branch we previously used.)

More good news: Virtual Gladiators has manually patched a few plugins so they will still work. There may be problems with them going forward, it's hard to say until people start using them. If you are starting fresh, the MOD pack includes EssentialsPE, SimpleAuth and SimpleAuthHelper in the MOD pack. If you are upgrading to this new version, open a ticket and we will update those three plugins for you.

Some known issues with 0.14.0:

You really should stop what you're doing now and disable automatic updates for the MCPE app on your device. The developers of Pocketmine are not always this fast to release a new version to match the client update. Without root access and backups on your phone, you cannot downgrade your client to the old version.

Updating your server - now:
To update your server, just select the new MOD pack version from the MOD pack list. It is called "v1.6.0 PHP7 API 1.14.0 (0.14.0)". Click save, and then restart your server. Your existing world SHOULD be compatible with this new version, but most, if not all of your plugins will NO LONGER WORK.

Updating your server - in the future:
To update your build to the latest version, download it from here::

NOTE:  Those builds will ONLY work if you have previously changed your MOD pack to "v1.6.0 PHP7 API 1.14.0 (0.14.0)"

Just download the latest working version, rename it to PocketMine-MP.phar (it is CaSE SenSITIve), then upload it to your server, over-writing the existing file. Make sure your server is stopped when you do this. Open a ticket if you need us to update it for you.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

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