FREE Minecraft Server Information (2)
Information regarding our Free minecraft server offerings.
General Virtual Gladiators Information (4)
General information about Virtual Gladiators and the services we provide.
Managing Your Minecraft Server (35)
Everything related to managing your minecraft server can be found here.
Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) Servers (8)
Information regarding MCPE servers
Partnerships & Sponsorships (2)
Information on our partners and how to become sponsored
Payments & Billing (2)
Information regarding payments, billing, upgrades, cancelllation, suspension and termination
Pre-made Spawn Packs (3)
Several pre-made spawn packs with ranks, permissions, protected regions, etc. to help you get started!
Server Addons (1)
Find out more information about available server Addons here.
The BlockShop Introduction (1)
Here we give an overview of the The BlockShop
Valheim Servers (2)
Information regarding our Valheim Server Offering.
How to op/deop yourself and players
"Op" stands for operator and means full administrative permissions for everything on your...
Pre-made PermissionsEX File
Here is a pre-made permissions file for PermissionsEX. It has several groups configured for you...
CraftBukkit, Spigot or Vanilla?
What is the difference between a CraftBukkit (Bukkit) server, Spigot and a "vanilla" Minecraft...
Enabling or Disabling Player vs Player (PVP)
Minecraft servers have an option of allowing PvP (Player versus Player) on your server. By...
One-click Installation and Upgrades of Tekkit, Craftbukkit, Feed The Beast (FTB), and others
Virtual Gladiators has pioneered the "one-click" installation and upgrades of the most popular...

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