Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Virtual Gladiators?

The team here at are gamers just like you. We have been playing games our whole lives using all kinds of hosting, so we have a lot of experience in this field. We know what the community likes and wants, but more importantly what they are not getting. Virtual Gladiators believes that games should be fun and we don't want that to end when it comes to your hosting. That's why every server we provide has a story behind it. Our team is here to help you find the package that suits you best.

Why Virtual Gladiators?

At, our main focus is your online experience. We fight to ensure you are receiving the highest quality online game hosting possible. We use nothing but the best hardware to ensure a lag-free experience. Virtual Gladiators also pioneered the MOD Pack One-Click installation that allows for dead-simple installation and upgrades of all the popular MOD packs. We are also here to help you 24 hours per day via email and tickets. Our dedicated GM's (Game Masters) are here to help answer your tickets and any other game related inquiries you may have.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not happy with our service for any reason within the first 3 days, we will issue a full refund. All that we ask is that you tell us about any issues that you experienced so that we may improve our services.

Can I transfer my current server to Virtual Gladiators?

We offer full FTP access to your server, making uploading worlds/plugins to the server easy. We recommended the awesome open source and cross-platform FTP client Filezilla!

How long does it take to setup my server after the payment is made?

Servers are generally activated automatically within seconds of a successful payment. If your server has not been setup within an hour of payment, please contact our team via ticket in the client area and we will be sure to get it online. If you are paying with an eCheck, the server will be activated when the check has cleared, which can take a few days.

How do I add plugins to my server?

Your Multicraft control panel offers over 5000 plugins via BukGet, an extremely easy to use one-click installation interface to If you can't find a plugin in the list, simply upload it to the server using the FTP file manager in the control panel. More details can be found in the Knowledge Base.

Will my server be backed up?

Yes. Virtual Gladiators performs full backups of all customer servers off-site every 12 hours. However, we still urge customers to manually backup their server daily via the Multicraft backup option, as well as monthly backups via FTP.

Why are you called Virtual Gladiators?

We believe our service reigns supreme amongst our competitors and we consider ourselves the Gladiators of the server world. Virtual Gladiators is always pushing forward to bring you the best server speeds and the best customer service possible. We felt Virtual Gladiators was a fitting way to express this philosophy.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my server?

Yes. Upgrades/downgrades are easy and take effect immediately. Simply follow this knowledge base article, and then restart the server to activate the changes.

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