UPDATE: ClearSky has released a working version of 0.15.0 on PHP7.  Some plugins will not work with this build! EssentialsPE v2.0.0 for PHP7 does not work yet. If you attempt to join and immediately get disconnected with no error, disable or remove EssentialsPE.

UPDATE: Genisys 1.2 0.15.0 build 472 has been released and is MOSTLY working. deop is partially broken!  If a player is opped from the console with UPPER-case characters in their name, deop does not work for that player, not even from console with UPPER-case chars again!

If you are already using Genisys, you can upgrade easily.
If you are using ImagicalMine or ClearSky, you CANNOT UPGRADE to Genisys. There are too many differences in the plugins and world data. If you try using or MOD pack installer, everything will be archived and you will start with a new world and new, compatible versions of SimpleAuth and EssentialsPE.

If you're already on Genisys and want to give 0.15.0 a try, just update the MOD pack using the one-click MOD pack installation in your Multicraft control panel. The upgrade is automatic, and all of your world and plugin data will be retained. There's a new version in the list that has also been changed to a manual update to allow server owners to update Genisys.phar with any 1.2 build. Just over-write Genisys.phar in your main folder with a new build and restart the server.

If you still can't wait for ImagicalMine or ClearSky to update to 0.15 and want to try upgrading to Genisys anyway, just open a ticket and let us back up your server and manually attempt the upgrade for you.

MCPE 0.15 has been officially released by Mojang/Microsoft, but there is no Pocketmine server version available just yet

Unfortunately, Microsoft has made this release a colossal nightmare for the Pocketmine developers due to all the protocol changes. Speculation is that they are trying harder than ever to force players to use the god-awful and expensive Realms for hosting their own servers. (@Microsoft: Give it up! You guys are several years late to this party. VirtualGladiators will be glad to show you how to properly run a game-hosting company for only 20 million dollars.)


For now we all have to patiently wait while the developers work their magic. Please DO NOT go over to the Github repos and ask for an ETA. It only annoys the devs and delays their progress.

You can follow their progress here:



This is also a good time to disable automatic updates for the MCPE App on your device. Every time they release a new version, it takes a couple of days for the Pocketmine devs to keep up.

On a related note, ImagicalMine has been abandoned. Supposedly, according to one of the devs, they were mostly copying and pasting from other sources anyway (among other complaints). You can read more here and here.

Regarding SteadFast, the 0.15 version they have released is very buggy. Also, SteadFast is missing common features of Pocketmine, such as dropping broken blocks so they can actually be picked up (there are no drops!), and saving player inventory (inventory is NOT saved!). Long story short, SteadFast is NOT a viable replacement for Genisys or ClearSky, now or ever.

Friday, June 24, 2016

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