We've been asked now and then about implementing time zone setting for the Console, Chat, FTP and Backup List display so it's easier to work with for wherever you happen to live in the world.

We have now added this feature to your Multicraft Control Panel!

Just select the appropriate time zone closest to you, or click the "Auto Detect" link to have javascript detect it for you automatically.  Don't forget to click save!

Once you've saved the setting, the Chat, Console, FTP Listing and Backup Listing will all show the times relative to your time zone.

The server files and logs are all still stored in America/Denver (MST). This is because the majority of our tech support operates in that time Zone. We constantly deal with scraping log files, restoring from backups, etc. for our customers. Having only one time zone to deal with ensures there are no time zone calculation errors when working on our servers all over the world.

Monday, February 18, 2019

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