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Creating a Creative world

To create a Creative world you will need to install the PlotMe and Multiverse-Core plugins.

The easiest way to install these plugins is by using the "BukGet" function in the Virtual Gladiators Multicraft control panel. You can find the link when viewing your server. It is under the "Files" menu on the left:

Click on the "BukGet Plugins" menu option to be taken to the BukGet page. From here, just search for "PlotMe" and "Multiverse-Core" by typing in the first several characters in the text box under the "Plugin Name" column:

Click on the "PlotMe" link under the "Plugin Name" column. You will be taken to another page that shows the version, a description, a link to the Plugin Page, status and an "Install" button:

Click on the "Install" button to have your Virtual Gladiators Multicraft control panel automatically download and install the plugin into your plugins directory. Wait for the status to change to "Installed and up to date":

Now repeat the above process for Multiverse-core.

Once both plugins have been installed, type in "/mv create normal –g PlotMe". This will generate a world of automatically protected plots. To build on them, players just have to type in /plotme claim.

Now, to set this world to creative mode, type in "/mv modify set gamemode Creative".

That's all there is to it! Your very own creative world, or even a purely creative server!

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