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Connecting to your PocketMine Server with MCPE

Once your PocketMine-MP server is up and running, you'll need to add it to your MCPE client.

Before you add your PocketMine-MP server, you'll want to pick a username. MCPE doesn't perform username verification like Minecraft for the PC, so you must pick a name you want to use on your server. This will be important later, as there is a registration plugin installed by default to protect your server.

On the MCPE start screen, click on the little wrench and screwdriver icon in the bottom-right:

MCPE Start Screen

In the next screen, enter your chosen username in the text box provided. when you are done, click on the "Back" button:

MCPC Config

Back at the main screen, click on the "Play" button. You will now see an (empty) server list. Click on the "Edit" button at the top-right:

MCPC Server List

When you click on the "Edit" button, the "New" button will change to "External":

MCPC Server List

Click on the External Button. You will be presented with three options. Give your server a descriptive name, then enter the IP address and Port you were assigned.
(This information was in the welcome email and can also be found in the main Multicraft screen after you login.)

MCPC Server Add

When you are done entering your server details, simply click on "Add Server" to add the server to your MCPE server list. Then click on the server to connect:

MCPC Server List2

It will take a anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to load the terrain, depending on your mobile device's internet connection:

MCPE Connecting Screen

When it has finished, you will see the following screen and warning:

MCPE Joined

Since MCPE doesn't do any sort of verification of your Username, you must register your selected username with a password. Simply type /register PASSWORD, where PASSWORD is your secret password.
(You only have to do this once. The next time you connect, the SimpleAuth plugin will remember your login and just ask for your password.)

MCPC Register Success

That's it! You are now connected to your server and can play normally. See the other KB articles for more information regarding plugins, controlling your MCPE server, and more!

MCPE VG Test Server

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