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Nobody can build but ops

Your Minecraft server has a default protection of 16 blocks in every direction from the initial spawn point. Nobody but ops will be able to build until they travel past the protected area. This is called the Spawn area.

To change this setting, login to Multicraft, click on Files, then Config files:

In the next screen, click on Server Settings, which will be the first option available.

On the next screen, locate the "Protected Spawn Size" option, and change it to 1 (NOT 0!):

Click on the Save button, and then restart your server. Now normal players will be able to build without issues.

If you've installed Essentials, it has an Anti-build system enabled by default. You'll need to disable the anti-build features by editing the relevant seciton in Essentials/config.yml, or by deleting EssentialsAntiBuild.jra in the plugins directory. Which ever method you choose, just be sure to restart the server to activate.

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