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Protecting Land

First off, You'll need two plugins Worldedit and WorldGuard

To protect a region 

1) Take out your worldEdit wand. Type //wand if you don't already have one.
2) Leftclick one block.
3) Rightclick another block elsewhere
4) Type /Region define Myarea into chat.

Now only you and the Ops can modify the area between those blocks you seleted. Keep in mind the blocks below or above the 2 blocks you selected won't be included in your region. Besure to select one low block and on high block for the region. If you want the area to encompass the entire area you selected type //expand vert before you define the region.

To allow a player to modify a region 

1) type /region addmember myarea (playername) expample bob
now bob can modify the region titled Myare

To allow agroup to midify the region (The group must be listed in permission group) 
1) Type /region addmember Myarea g:mod
now mod's can modify the region titled Myarea 

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